Happy New Year!

Hey Everyone,

I hope every one has had a Merry Christmas and an amazing New Years Eve. I wish everyone a happy New Year that will bring joy and happiness to you and your loved ones. I haven’t posted in a while so here’s a short update.


The first trimester has passed with mixed emotions. The positive thing is that I am skiing faster then the previous season, the negative is that I cant put the shooting and the skiing together, which is super frustrating. The season started of a little slow for me but I got better and faster as it went on. I have been so close to the pursuit this trimester ill admit it has been a little depressing. I am either skiing quick and missing the targets or hitting the targets and skiing backwards. Either way room for improvement that’s for sure!


I was really excited for the next trimester to show of my skill but then I got sick, AGAIN! Missed around 2 weeks of training, I laid in bed and felt sorry for myself knowing I was missing valuable training, worst feeling ever! This happens to me every year at around the same time, clogged sinuses, sore throat, the whole lot. It takes me so long to recover from this and that whats really hurts, if my memory is correct it takes around a month to make me feel reasonable.


We were in Ridnaun (ITA) for Christmas and New Years. We have now moved to the most windiest, foggiest and wettest place on the circuit/Earth, Oberhof (Ger). Not only the weather here is always nasty it’s a real hard track, hard sharp corners, big uphills and steep downhills, so wish me luck!


I’ve been slack with the updates as usual and I as always I do apologise. Someone needs to hit me sometimes and make me write something. I am competing in a day and the question will be, will I recover and stop feeling letargic before then? Probably not, but lets hope I feel somewhat semi-decent.

Talk soon,


20141212_150009 20141217_083618 20141205_190554 20141203_185200 20141130_093751 20141125_184549


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