Snow is falling


Hi Everyone,

I glad to say that winter is almost here! First snow is starting to fall and in no time at all I’ll be on my skis gliding away on white stuff. After World Champs I didn’t really know where, when, what was going to happen in terms of training. So to get motivated for September month was hard, but I was very fortunate and found some support to go to Chajkovskij (RUS) for another training camp, I am very grateful to the people that gave me the opportunity!


This was no ordinary training camp, I was able to arrange with Anton Shipulin and Aleksey Volkov to take me under their wing for the month. They are both Olympic Gold Medalist and to train with them was an honor, I learnt many new things and ways that will help me in the future. Training with the worlds best shows how much you really need to work and how you need to do it, never have I had such a productive month of training. We lived 2.5km away from the stadium, which was a little drainer but luckily Anton was happy to drive his car everyday to and from training. Unfortunately after 2 weeks of solid work I got a little under the weather, I missed 3 days of training and when the races came I wasn’t fully I recovered. I came 34th/90 competitors, I shot 17 out of 20 targets, and considering the whole national team was there and the best of Russia was competing I was satisfied with the result.


Driving back from Chajkovskij I took the chance of taking a photo with Russia’s most prized possession. We drove hundreds of kilometers and passed several pumpjacks pumping away black gold! It was a long drive but I enjoyed it, I saw many amazing picturesque views, old villages and many Siberian animals, I haven’t seen this type of Russia before so it was quite exciting.


A took a easy week when I got back which means only 1 training session a day, but now it is time to get back into it again. Snow is now falling and ill be skiing very soon, this is the last step of my preparation, and I hope summer training will pay off!



IMG_2845 IMG_2850 IMG_2851 IMG_2854 20140928_120724 20140924_115927 g66ikVfUwck


2 thoughts on “Snow is falling

  1. hi Alex,great photos-good to see the S&C work which seems very focused and getting plenty of practice with rollers and shooting with the best.
    Thats the way.
    That little break will be good for you before the snow.Ian and the rest of us send their love.

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