Summer World Champs

Hi everyone,


I have now successfully finished my 3rd training camp and the Summer World Championships are done and dusted. It was a long month of training and I’m happy it’s now over.

photo 2-2

This months training was probably one of my hardest so far in my career. Never have I pushed myself so hard and far before. Everyday I would average around 5 hours of training and some days I would train up to 7 hours, I was really motivated and training felt good. The only thing I was concerned about was overtraining, I didn’t want to be fatigued and not recovered for the World Championships. I knew it was a risk to be training so much, but it was a risk I was willing to take. You see, I didn’t want to take it easy, taper and prepare especially for a summer world championships. After all, I am in a winter sport, and I want to do well throughout the winter. Saying all that, I still wanted to go well, so a week before I did intervals that somewhat prepared me for the races.

photo 3-2

Am I satisfied with my result from the Summer World Championships? Well, I will probably have to say no. I week before the world championships we had a time trail, there were some Russian team members and the whole Bulgarian team competing, I won that race with 1 penalty. So after that my hopes for the races in a week’s time were quite high.

photo 1-2

On race day I felt good. First lap felt great until I shot 3 penalties on my first prone, on my 2nd lap I completely blew up. What happened? Well, I don’t really know. I pushed so hard that I reached a maximum heart rate of 190, I haven’t seen that for 7 years! It was hot and humid and during the race all I really wanted was to make it to the finish. My whole body went numb and it took me hours after the race to recover. At the end of the day I was 28th/50 3:15 behind with 3 penalties.


Next day was the Pursuit. After being dehydrated and having a horrible sleep, I actually went ok. Skiing felt a lot easier, effortless I would say, and the result was reasonable, I was only 2 minutes back in ski time. During wintertime I’m around 2:30 back. I shot 4 penalties and moved from 28th down to 22nd.


I wasn’t disappointed with these races because I know that I wasn’t prepared. I still think I did ok and progress is definitely there. It will be good to see what I can do when snow comes and when I will be ready! Also I have to add that the rollerskis they gave out for the competition were so hard to ski on. A lot of the teams use different brands of rollerskis for their preparation during summer. When you use one pair of rollerskis the whole summer you adjust your technique for them. I use Marwe, so when you I got completely different rollerskis on race day its was very hard to adapt in time, this is why I think my second race was better, if only I had them a week before the start. Girls were lucky enough to race on Marwe, men raced on SRCP.


Now off topic I have heard about Callum’s crash while he was competing in a sprint event in AUS! He was very unfortunate and was badly hurt. I am Happy that he is already recovering and feeling better. I have to say that Callum has always been a fighter, he has been in some heavy situations before and has come back from them even stronger. He is a great friend and I have no doubt that he will be back in training in no time. I really hope he has a speedy recovery and I wish him all the best! Keep your head up mate!


I now have only 2 month left till the season starts and to be honest I’m finding it hard to motivate myself. The reason for that is I don’t know what’s next, Lucy and Dan have left home, dad is leaving Monday to Austria for the IBU Congress for a while, and we have run out of money to join a Team. Also at this moment I don’t have funds to travel/book overseas, so I’m thinking of doing some coaching here but I don’t think its going to be all that simple. But hopefully I can work out what I’m going to do soon and get back into a routine. Other then that I’ve been healthy all summer and no injuries so can’t complain.

Thanks for reading,




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