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So my 2nd training camp has finished and I’m now in my 3rd camp that will go right up until summer world champs! My 2nd camp was a little intense, it involved many interesting training sessions that weren’t easy, training was tough but I adapted quickly. I felt much better in each training session compared to my last camp, I was coping with every single training session and recovering quite quickly. We did a lot of strength work and more intensity, the first intensity sessions were difficult that burned the lungs and legs but as sessions went by it got easier. It was good to see that in most sessions I was really competitive and sometimes I was the best/strongest.


The camp finished off with some races, In them I was the fastest skier out the team that I was training with, unfortunately my shooting went to hell and due to that my places weren’t that spectacular. The races were held for the World Championship qualification, top 5 qualified and will compete in 2 weeks time. First day I was 22nd with 3 penalties 1:55 behind, beating several National team members and if I shot clean I would have been top 6, so the result was reasonable. In the 2nd day I really couldn’t manage my shooting and missed 7, I cant remember the last time I missed that many!! I was really disappointed because I know I can shoot accurate.


Unfortunately I couldn’t afford to keep travelling with the team that have now left to Uvat for their 3rd training camp. I will stay in Tyumen and prepare with Daniel and Lucy that are also pushing themselves to the limits and hoping for a good result in world championships. It’s s shame that I wont have any competition and no one to compare with for this month of training, but I am confident I can have a good training here. I am motivated and ready to train even harder then the 2 previous months.


After a hectic gail storm run!

After a hectic gail storm run!

Yesterday I had a 6 hour day of training so preparation is in progress!!


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