1st Camp Over…

photo 3

So my training camp has come to an end. It was an interesting and tough training camp that definitely gave me some progress. I have to admit that at times I was really battling, and in other times I was better/stronger then others. Mentally it was much easier to train with a group, there was never a time where I felt lazy or I felt like I needed to rest, even though physically the training is much harder in a team environment.

photo 1

Nothing really changed since my last post, training went to schedule, my legs were sore almost everyday. I tried to get a massage when possible but couldn’t afford to do it everyday. I also lost some weight, mostly muscle mass, as we were mostly doing long endurance training with some fresh-hold sessions, very little strength work was done. Weather was pleasant and comfortable for training and in conclusion the camp was really productive!

photo 4

I am in Tyumen now. It was a long drive home and it feels great to be back. Its an awesome feeling to have a cup of coffee and relax for a bit, great to not think about training and all the difficulties that come with it. I only have a couple of days to enjoy this and then I’m back into it!

photo 2

Next camp starts on the 12th, I am hoping that I will also attend this Camp as it will be in Tyumen. I have to work out what ill do about ammunition as I have now run out, there is also some other things that I have to figure out but I think everything will be ok.

photo 5

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