Stiff, Tired, Sore, Preparation Is in Progress

Hi Everyone,


I have now arrived to Abzakovo! A picturesque small town in the middle of Siberia surrounded by mountains and native woodlands. I have never been here before so everything is quite interesting.


I’ve only been here for week and it has been tough! Basically from 8:30 a.m to 8 p.m you are constantly doing something that involves training, you are either smashing out training, dry firing, stretching, eating or recovering. This is not new for me, I have trained, and do train like this by myself but, at the moment the sessions are very long and the competition in the team heats up the pace in every session. This is good because you always need to keep up! We do up to 3 hours in the morning and 1-2 hour in the afternoon, and that is pure training time. Before training there is 30 minutes of dry fire, and after training there’s stretching.

photo 5

All Teams have only just started there training programs, and because of that our bodies haven’t adapted to the heavy training loads. In around 2 weeks, even though the training may be more intense our bodies will manage with the training much better, but until then ill have to suffer a little, hobble downstairs and walk slowly because my muscles are so sore!

photo 4

I’ve been going to the mountain river after training to speed up recovery, standing there after training with aching legs is the best feeling! Like drinking chilled water after a marathon. Also I’ve been getting a massage when the muscles get really stiff.

photo 1


Anyway, I wanted to touch base and tell everyone that everything is great! I’m happy that I am being pushed and even happier that my legs don’t walk properly! This is exactly what I need and wanted! So the plan is to keep working hard and take it step by step.

photo 2

So what do we do in a spare time? Well, during summer we don’t have much spare time, but when we do, I eat wild berries which are delicious, play guitar or read a book which helps me relax a little mentally. This year I actually started a training diary which is a first for me! So I’ve been trying to keep that updated and to not forget.


Today was a half rest day, we went to a pretty cool lake not too far from our town. A little chilly but It was pretty awesome!!


Will touch base after the 6th that is when the camp finishes.


Talk soon,




2 thoughts on “Stiff, Tired, Sore, Preparation Is in Progress

  1. Thats the kind of training you want alright!!!Like “Rocky” when he went to Siberia!!! We are all cheering for you.I was glad to observe some girls at the lake.

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