Time To Train!!

Hello Everyone,

After the European season finished I had some time off, tried to relax mentally and physically. It was a long season and I definitely needed a rest! I spent my off time in Sydney, and although I was resting from training and racing I had a lot of other things happening. Each day I had a set schedule for things I had to do and places I needed to be in. It was an absolute pleasure to see people that have helped and supported me in my career. I only had a limited time In Australia but in my trip I managed to attend school assemblies, club dinners, try on uniform, see my friends and do everything else that involved my sports career. It was great trip home and I was so happy to spend time in Sydney and enjoy the weather. I am really going to miss everyone and being out of AUS, but my sport involves sacrifices and I’m starting to get used that.


I have now arrived to Tyumen (RUS) where the Australian Biathlon team is now based during European summer. This year I really want to improve and my plan is to train with a strong team, someone that can really push me and take me to my limits. I feel like its now or never to improve and I don’t see any other way to do so unless I train with someone stronger then me. I have found a team to train with which is the Tyumen state team, it is the best state team in Russia and some of the athletes from there are on the National Team. So I feel like training with them will do the trick. This is all good and it sounds like a great plan but, unfortunately this is going to cost me a lot of money. Normally during the Australian winter I do some coaching in between my training and that helps me cover some cost of my overseas trip. This year I wont be able to do that. I have already missed one training camp that is currently on, simply because I couldn’t afford it. So this is the problem I have to overcome, fingers crossed it all works out.


I know that the XC Boys are in Sweden at the moment and they are also doing the same thing, and that is to be pushed by stronger athletes. Hopefully they get the improvement they are looking for the next season to come. I strongly believe that this will help them significantly next season and I do believe it will help me in the same way.


I think the most important thing for an athlete is to know what to work on, to know what you need to do to improve to go to the next level. Other then training with a team, I think I have some of my own tricks up my sleeve that hopefully will give me the jump I need for the next season.


The Olympics are over and I have made a commitment to go on for the next 4 years till Pyong Chang. At this point I really feel like I can give more, a lot more. When I finish with my career I want to know that I gave everything I could and there was nothing else left to give. I am currently training in Tyumen by myself and training has been going well. Next training camp starts on the 20th of June in Abzakovo and I really hope I can go there.


Thank you,


Driving some balls

Driving some balls

photo 5

After Simbo's run

After Simbo’s run

Daniel and Simbo's Half Marathon

Daniel and Simbo’s Half Marathon






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