It only comes around every 4 years!!!


The Olympics are over!! And mixed emotions are running through my head that are overwhelming. I am so happy to have been apart of this enormous event and a little sad it has all come to an end. It was a very long journey getting there, and it was worth every bit of it!
My races were great, and I’m very pleased to have made history in one of my events for Australian Biathlon. In the 20km Individual, I crossed the line in 45th, which was the best result for an Australian male at the Olympic Games. On the day the crowd was wild, and it was amazing! I felt great and my skis were running good, my shooting was going perfect, and I was coming in the top 20. Then unfortunately I missed 2 shots on my last standing which was a little disappointing, but I kept on pushing hard and at the end of the day I was stoked with my event!

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The Olympic village was amazing! It is turning into a 5 star resort after the games, so we were very lucky! Food was awesome. Both Closing and Opening ceremonies were unbelievable! Volunteers that smiled and always helped you out and made you feel welcome was wonderful! What can I say, for me everything was perfect from the accommodation, to the food, to the organization! Russia was a great host and I give them my respect for that.


Olympics is the greatest event in the World! So many nations and athletes from all different sports come together to show their talent and do their nation proud. Obviously with this hype athletes have to deal with a lot of media and pressure, especially if they are set to win medals, some crumble and other shine. But when see an athlete win a medal, that shiny piece of metal that everyone works so hard for, it brings a tear to your eye. As an athlete you know how much it really means to them. Seeing this, feeling it, makes you so happy inside and it motivates you to keep going so maybe one day you will be standing on that same podium having tears of joy yourself. Olympics will always be a special moment in society, doesn’t matter if you win or loose it will always be an experience of a lifetime and I have been blessed to be apart of it!


I would like to thank everyone at home for cheering and giving us support throughout my Olympic experience! It was awesome having you all behind our backs supporting! It did help! Don’t think I’m saying that! But most importantly I would like to thank all the supporter and sponsors that helped me get there! You have become like family to me and I will never forget what you have done for me! I cant wait to see you and thank you in person!


There will be no doubt lots of memories from these Olympics! I will cherish every moment and never take it for granted! I am already ready for my next Olympic Games, I know it is 4 years time but I know time will fly and In no time at all ill be there again!


I am currently in Austria and I have another 2 World Cups coming with 1 IBU Cup in between, so the season is not over just yet!

heres some more pictures!



Sochi Bear, Philpots twin brother











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3 thoughts on “It only comes around every 4 years!!!

  1. Hi Alex,we are very proud of you hear at Haysons-we actually got to see you this time live and everybody was thrilled and jumping up and down-“ther’s Alex goes Ruby.”

    We all miss you and love you so good skiing and see you soon Ale..Say hello to mum and dad,

  2. Hi Alex, thanks for your updates. We feel very proud of what you and Nick have achieved. So happy to see Irina and Kostya enjoying the experience with you. You are right, 4 yrs won’t take long and we are sure you will be able to do it all again. Love and Best Wishes from Peter and Leslie. Good luck in the remaining races.

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