Olympics Are Coming


It is official! I have been selected for the 2014 Winter Olympic Team!! I am very excited and I can’t wait to compete in 2 weeks time.

Pursuit in IBU Cup Ruhpolding

Pursuit in IBU Cup Ruhpolding



It was very nerve-wracking not knowing will I be selected for the team, trying to stay focused in training not knowing what was going to happen was difficult. Our nation was waiting for a quota reallocation, I got notified on the 24th at 4 am that I we have been allocated a spot and that I needed to send an email to the federation saying I was fit and healthy to compete. Half asleep I wrote an email down at the lobby but went back to bed feeling happy and relieved!!!




For those that don’t know what this quota system is all about, I will explain. The points for our nation ranking are summarized from the 2 World Championships before Olympics, and since our team is not very big it is difficult to gather a significant amount of points to be in contention for an Olympic quota spot. Top 20 countries get to take 4 athletes and nations from 20-28 get to take only one. Australia was ranked 31st, so we needed some nations not to take their full quota so that Australia can get it on reallocation. As we predicted the reallocation went up to around 33rd nation rank, so we were safely in but it was still very stressful waiting. Same went for the women, Australia was ranked 34th so it was a very nice surprise that we got a female spot too! A massive congratulations to Lucy Glanville who will make her first Olympic depute in Sochi! Both Lucy and I made our individual qualifications during the season, which is 20% behind the leader in World Cup Or IBU Cup, so we were both waiting just on reallocation.





After University Games I got sick and it took a good 3 weeks to get healthy, my races haven’t been all that flash after the new year but they haven’t been appalling. I am currently in Ridanun (Ita) where I am doing a pre Olympic altitude camp. This is my favourite training place with all the facilities you can ask for! So my preparation is going really well. My skiing has improved this year and results have shown that! So I am very excited to see what result I can produce being fit and healthy.




I would like to thank everyone that has supported me throughout my journey to  get to these Olympics, I will try to give it my very best and do Australia Proud!



Wish me luck!

The Team

The Team



4 thoughts on “Olympics Are Coming

  1. Alex, congratulations. I had been following your racing this season but did not realize the quota issue would arise. Best wishes for when competition starts and please give our regards to Nick.
    Keep healthy !

  2. Hey Alex. Great effort yesterday. There was one crazy bloke in melbourne jumping up and down as the scores came in and there was you hanging in the top 10 then 15 then 20. Awesome effort. Keep it up. Jacob

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