Season is here – IBU Cup, Idre (SWE)


So the season has started! Last weekend was the first IBU Cup of the winter! I would have to say I was hoping for a better result, but I feel it was satisfactory to the way I felt during the race. My legs are definitely not in race shape, and my whole body felt weak even though I have felt really strong in training, but training and racing are completely different. It is absolutely normal to feel like this for the first race of the season and ski time was around the same as last year, so I am definitely not complaining. The shooting went well, only 1 miss in the prone so I am happy with that!



The trip to Idre (Sweden) was long and tiring, it is 5 hours difference in time, so the jetlag is hitting me. During our trip, we had a lot of sick people around coughing and sneezing and spreading their germs. I have to admit I do feel like I am not on the healthy side at the moment and that is why I missed today race. Hopefully I don’t get worse, and my races will only get better from here on.

Next stop is Ostersund Sweden where I will have 2 events, 20km individual and a sprint. Hope I feel stronger and healthier there!
Also while we are parking we saw the Canadian van back into a very nice Porsche… Very Unlucky

Talk soon.

Here is some pictures from our wax Hut. We were the only Nation left with a wax room like this, everyone else had a proper room. We got used to it and we survived!

Discrimination to the Australian team??

Discrimination to the Australian team??

Our Little wax Hut!

Our Little wax Hut!


5 thoughts on “Season is here – IBU Cup, Idre (SWE)

  1. hi Alex and everybody.That little wax hut looks a lot like what we get in Aus,
    my son ben is in sweden and he will come and watch you race. if he can. all the best Ian,Nat,Jack,max Ruby ,Sam.More comments please.

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