I’m coming!



20131025_123319_9We have now had 3 weeks of consistent training and everything seems to be going to plan, the only thing that has been a hassle is the snow! Warm temperatures are melting the snow on the track that saturates the bottom layers which then freezes with the help of the cooling track, turning it into sheet ice! Some days have been very difficult to stay upright, but the stadium crew is working on a strategy to make it skiable.

20131025_122351You probably wonder why I don’t write about something interesting that is going on or that has happened during our training camp, well ill be honest our daily routine is fairly boring. We get up at 7:45, morning run at 8 till 8:30 then its breakfast time, first training session starts at 10 and goes untill 12.30, and at 1 we are already having lunch. We have quiet time from 2- 4.30 and then we dry-fire for half hour, second training starts at 5 pm and dinner is at 7. So you can see why I don’t have much to write about, we just literally don’t have any time for anything exciting.

The only news is that Sabi Howell arrived yesterday to join the team in Russia, with 2 girls in the house the gossip will begin and social interactions will increase.

The season is creeping up fast, and I feel a little nervous/excited! I know I have improved over the summer it is just a matter of how much! I am sure it will be a tough but fun season!

Bike riding with rollerskis on the new done thing!

Bike riding with rollerskis on the new done thing!


2 thoughts on “I’m coming!

  1. Keep it up-we are all thinking of you and Natalie will spoil you with cups of tea and biscuits and good conversation when you get back for our winter and you might even get to visit with us at Palm Beach with mum and dad-your good friends the haysons.Ian.

    • Thank you Ian for the kind words!! Yes I Certainly miss the casual cups of tea with biscuits!! I hope the kids are strong and healthy! Say hello to the whole family from the Almoukovs.

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