Winter is coming!


Even though my foot has been an annoyance I have been able to train consistently. A month of roller skiing and cycling got quite repetitive, but I got through it. Now I have had a short week break from intense training, and I’m ready to go again!


Weather has been chilly and they have started to put old snow from last year on the track. Tyumen has recently built a cooler track, it is a roller-ski track that has antifreeze running through it so that the snow doesn’t melt due to warm temperatures, this lets athletes train on snow early without waiting for cold conditions for natural or artificial snow. Although the track is not quite ready, all the athletes are eager to get skiing.


I am excited to have another month of good training! Lucy and Daniel will join me tomorrow so I will have some company in training. I have slowly started running on my foot, but definitely it is still a little sore, also my legs cramp up after 50 minutes of running due to the lack of cross training. My legs have forgotten how to run and contract quickly, but I will fix that soon.


This season will be long and exciting hopefully everything goes to plan. These are the events I will be competing in.


22 Nov 2013 IBU Cup 1


29 Dez 2013 Idre (SWE)


22 Nov 2013 E.ON IBU World Cup 1


01 Dez 2013 Oestersund (SWE)


03 Dez 2013 E.ON IBU World Cup 2


08 Dez 2013 Hochfilzen (AUT)


09 Dez 2013 E.ON IBU World Cup 3


15 Dez 2013 Annecy-Le Grand Bornand (FRA)


10-21 Dec. Winter World University Games. in Trentino, Italy.


18 Dez 2013 IBU Cup 3


21 Dez 2013 Obertilliach (AUT)


01 Jan 2014 E.ON IBU World Cup 4


05 Jan 2014 Oberhof (GER)


03 Jan 2014 IBU Cup 4


05 Jan 2014 Forni Avoltri (ITA)


06 Jan 2014 E.ON IBU World Cup 5


12 Jan 2014 Ruhpolding (GER)


13 Jan 2014 E.ON IBU World Cup 6


19 Jan 2014 Antholz-Anterselva (ITA)


16 Jan 2014 IBU Cup 6


18 Jan 2014 Altenberg (GER)


27 Jan 2014 IBU Open European Championships


04 Feb 2014 Nove Mesto (CZE)


07 Feb 2014 Olympic Winter Games


23 Feb 2014 Sochi (RUS)


03 Mrz 2014 E.ON IBU World Cup 7


09 Mrz 2014 Pokljuka (SLO)


10 Mrz 2014 E.ON IBU World Cup 8


16 Mrz 2014 Kontiolahti (FIN)


17 Mrz 2014 E.ON IBU World Cup 9


23 Mrz 2014 Oslo Holmenkollen (NOR)


After all that I will do some spring races right up until 10th of April! So it will be a very long/interesting season! It is the big one, so I have to stay focused!!


Talk soon.



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