Cleaning out blog cobwebs


You haven’t heard from me in a while, so I thought an update would be necessary!

One week after my twist

One week after my twist

My home visit was defiantly a difficult one, and it didn’t achieve much. Yes, the first week was good with having the art show, which I would like to thank everyone so much for organizing especially Evelyn!! Being home and seeing the ocean was also great, but then it all went downhill. Got sick, severely twisted my ankle that I still can’t run on today, races weren’t flash, and training was poor. Yep, I was a little disappointed. There was lots of positive moments, like seeing my comrades, skiing, eating auzzie food, and being finally home!

I am now back in Russia! Training is going well, although I still can’t run on my foot I can do a lot of roller skiing and cycling. I feel as I am starting to get my shape back and everything seems to be going smoothly.


Home Breakfast!!!

Home Breakfast!!!

Made a movie not long ago check it out!


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