The Road to Sochi Olympics

Finally some free time for a coffee

Finally some free time for a coffee

So summer training has now well and truly started for me!  Since my last post, I have had a good month of training and I’ve finally graduated Uni!  I’ve been so busy the past month with training and writing my thesis that I have had no free time at all! let alone updating my blog. But now I’m a qualified specialist and I’m so glad it is all over! Although I am thinking of going on to masters, but I would like to keep being on scholarship. There is only 10 spots for the year available so it may be a little hard.. But since I got a high distinction in my thesis, fingers crossed they’ll take me!

Presenting my thesis

My fellow AUS team-mates have arrived in Russia and we’ve all begun the hard slog which is summer training for a Biathlete. Our day consists of morning activities which covers a little strength, running and generally waking up our bodies for the day’s activities ahead. Then we have breakfast, a break and at around 10am we start the day’s first training block. At the moment that involves shooting training with either roller skiing, running or bike-riding. This might last for 2-3hrs. Then we have lunch and a rest. Around 3-4pm, we start the 2nd training block for the day. This might be hill-bounding, roller-skiing or strength in the gym. It will generally go for another 1.5-2hrs, maybe longer if it’s a roller-ski session. We are currently training at the World Cup Competition Venue in Tyumen, Russia. This Centre is known as the “Pearl of Siberia” as it’s such a great facility. It has athlete accommodation on site, 2 shooting ranges, km’s and km’s of roller ski tracks and an athlete café where we all eat lunch.

Shooting training

Shooting training

Its great to train in Russia at this time of year as there is so much day-light that we can train quite late in the afternoon when its cooler and we’ve had a good afternoon rest. Often the light disappears for the day at 11pm and then sun rises at 5am.  I’ll continue training here until July when I’ll be back in AUS for some AUS Cross Country races and on-snow training.

There is a little muscly dog here that trains with us everyday. Look at the video, he’s definitely fitter then us!

Thanks Alex


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