World Cup Points – The Perfect Day in Sochi


photoWoo-hoo… I have finally achieved something that has been a milestone ever since I started skiing! It is such a good feeling to be improving every year and showing the results you are aiming for.

After Bulgaria we left for Oslo, we were greeted with lovely weather that made training so enjoyable. A great hotel that accommodated all the athletes made it sociable and fun, the variety of food was incredible and it filled every desire of the stomach. Even though I was feeling lethargic everyday I was mentally enjoying every bit of Norway.

Cl6Q4nfhDZYThe race was hard and painful but I felt much lighter then in Bulgaria. I shot 2 penalties and came in 82nd. I knew I was still in bad shape so I started preparing for Sochi and after a couple of days we chartered to Sochi.

It is safe to say that Sochi is far from finished and still in heavy construction, everything apart from the venues are still getting built. The weather was very contrasting, with sun, fog and snow hitting us on different days, but most of the time it was very warm and pleasant.


7fNLygfF80YMy first race finished with history, the first Aussie male to make top 40 and achieve World Cup points! Zero penalties in my 20km individual and fast skiing put me in 33rd place.  I felt relaxed and everything on that day was perfect, I am very happy from this result, I have been dreaming of World Cup points and finally I have some! The sprint wasn’t as exciting but I felt good and I was satisfied, it was slushy and snowing so starting almost last didn’t go to my advantage. I finished 74th with 2 penalties.

I3vxDuYcQOekt has been a very good season for me indeed and with only one World Cup left it is almost all over! Although there is still a couple of closing races left after my last WC but that will be all fun.

We are now in Khanty where it is a little chilly. My race is tomorrow and I am feeling good so hopefully it all goes to plan.




4 thoughts on “World Cup Points – The Perfect Day in Sochi

  1. Ha Alex put in more photos. Biathlon was on TV last night here was great and very crowded.We are all looking forward to seeing you again and Sam says he wants to see your world cup points-so you better organize a surprise for a 10 year old. Forgot to tell you that Max finished his season in USA moguls with Aust Development squad-went good but also found out what injury can do-missed two important meets and was in pain for two others with hip reflex muscle injury and also back-will have to focus on a lot more strength and conditioning work and trampolining and water jumps in off season this year.It is the lengthy focused strength and conditioning work and the kms on water off season that sets Jack up so well with his sport. His next big rowing event coming up with World Youth Finals 19’s.23rd-26th March.

    • Hi Ian and whole the family,

      That is shame about Max’s injury! I hope it gets better and doesnt get any more in the future. Tell Sam they may be a little heavy to bring back on the plane, but I will do my best. Say my best wishes and good luck to Jack for his upcoming races. We will be coming to Aus in the middle of july so it will be very nice to see you all again!


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