Open European Championships

What a race! Let me tell you, there was defiantly a lot of pain and frustration along the track… My skis were defiantly not running to a good standard and my overall form was lagging in power, put those 2 together and you have yourself a bad race! The only thing that was going good for me was the shooting, 0,0,0 until the last standing where it crumbled into 3 penalties, with those came frustration and a lack of motivation for the last loop!  Finished in 84th , far from ideal.


We have now arrived to Bansko (BUL) for the Open European Championships. It’s a bit weird here with all the little side shops and strip joints, but It’s different and I like that. Europe is basically all the same and you really get over it, its good to have a variety of culture and architecture in your trip, helps you clear up a little from the long 6 months away from home!

The Team

The Team

I have already raced the 20km individual and it wasn’t what was looking for.  Although I did have really good shooting maing only making one mistake, but unfortunately my skis weren’t running good and my shape is still down. I placed 26th/69 which is not too bad, but having only one miss I would of liked to be in the top 10. I am feeling better and better in each race so hopefully tomorrow I have a good one.

Talk soon


2 thoughts on “Open European Championships

  1. Gooday Alex-I read this regularly now that I am on it-the 26th was good but ,ost of all I like being able to see you and so on-put a photo up of your coach and cook(Irena).It is about 5.30am here Saturdayand I am leaving for SIRC Penrith to watch Jack Row in NSW Champs.Terrible

    big rain and thunder storm all night and forecast all day.Ian.

    • Hi Ian,

      That is a little early! Thats tough! Thank you for the comment. I’ll try to put more of my dad up, but as you probably can imagine he doesn’t like to be photographed and mum is not with us at the moment, she’s home. Say hello to all the family and wish good luck to Jack for me! Hope he smashes it!! Nice to hear from you Ian.

      Thanks, Alex

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