Inevitable Illness

20130209_125945A quick trip to the U/23 Cross Country World Championships that didn’t go the way I planned and I returned to Obertilliach, this was where the Junior Biathlon Champs where being held.


Lots of athletes were getting ill, 3 of our team members also managed to catch it and eventually came my turn! I called it the inevitable Illness, If not now then it would of happened another day in the season, I think if I manage to get sick only once this season I’m breaking some records. Only shame it happened right before my main event of the season.


Fischer man cleaning my boots from rocks.

Fischer man cleaning my boots from rocks.

A week in bed and I started training again, after 3 days I had my first race in the World Championships that are placed in Nove Mesto (CZE). Not too bad considering my Illness but far from an ideal competition! Missed 3 penalties and skied at least 40 seconds slower then usual, 94th/132.


The atmosphere here in Nove Mesto is great, 20 thousand spectators and great-prepared tracks. I would have to say it is one of the hardest courses I’ve done, long uphill’s  and steep windy downhill’s leaving no recovery for the athletes.


Feeling better and better every day but I still have some sort of monster down my throat, hopefully I can get him out before the 20km Individual.

20130209_213502Also I was so sick that I passed out and I needed extra oxygen!! No, not really, this is the inhalation machine that i have borrowed from the Russian Doctor to clear my airways, thank you again to him! I am actually surprised he helped out because now I may be a serious threat for them in the next race…… Not..




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