2nd World Cup Trimester

I have had limited internet access over the past 2 weeks. Now that I have some time on my hands, I will write you up a short update.


The second trimester was concluded with various feelings, unquestionably I am not disappointed, but I think the results could have been a slightly brighter. After feeling so atrocious and being surprised with 71st place in World Cup Oberhof (GER), I was confident my ski form will only get better.  But unfortunately my ski form stayed the same in Ruhploding WC (GER), where I placed 82nd with 3 penalties. The same went for Anthloz (ITA) where I was 76th with 2 penalties which was last WC of the trimester.

assetIn Anthloz, judging by the symptoms I had during the race, altitude attacked me from top to bottom.  I was gasping for air, couldn’t push hard and on my last lap felt like my legs were frozen.  This problem with the altitude doesn’t surprise me as had zero altitude preparation before or during the season.

What I thought of the trimester? I considered it satisfactory. I was skiing consistently fast (compared to last year), I haven’t had any special intensity to be in good shape, and it’s only half way into the season. I have been keeping healthy which is the main thing and I have things that need to be worked on, so I think there’s still better results to expected (fingers crossed).


I am now leaving for the U/23 World Cross Country Champs, which are held in Liberec (CZE). Excited to the see the Cross Country crew and hopefully pull of a good result in the 15km Skate. After I will be preparing for the Biathlon Worlds, which are also In Czech Republic in a place called Nove Mesto. This is where I want to be in top shape.

Bye for now.


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