Careers best in the last World & IBU Cups of the trimester.

A CAREERS BEST! Christmas Came Early!


CIMG6425Ok, let me explain. It started in Pokljuka where the final World Cup for the trimester was held. I was aiming to make the pursuit of course, but shot 3 penalties and came 82nd. I felt good on my skis but looking at the result, I think I could have skied a tad quicker. The town just below Pokljuka is called Bled, it’s a beautiful historical place that has the most pleasant lake with wild swans swimming in it, it is one of the most peaceful and relaxing places on the WC circuit. Anyway, this meant I was able to race the last IBU Cup in Ridnaun – and I was ready to pump out a good result!

CIMG6412Race conditions were tough for the 10km sprint. It was snowing heavily, and I’ve never really been one to race well in fresh snow, but today that all changed! I kept a fast steady pace and skiing up the massive narrow uphill, (where it’s impossible to overtake) I felt like everyone was going way to slow! I finished 13th even with one penalty! Out of the 130 starters I had the 13th fastest ski time! Now that was something special and     just about the perfect Christmas gift I could have asked for!

20121216_101310The next day was the pursuit. Not awfully exciting, I skied well…..but……shot 5 penalties and finished 25th. But, this IBU Cup was definitely a high note in my career and what a great way to finish off the first trimester! With two IBU Cups and 3 World Cups complete, I have definitely improved a lot since last year!

Now I just have to remain healthy during this break period! It feels like sicknesses are creeping up on me everywhere but maybe I am just paranoid!

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


5 thoughts on “Careers best in the last World & IBU Cups of the trimester.

  1. Merry Xmas Alex.
    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog this season – good insights – keep on posting. Congrats on Ridnaun – you do Australia (and yourself) proud.
    Best wishes for 2013 and many more World Cup Pursuit races to come!

  2. Well done Alex. We are all very happy for you. Merry Christmas to you and your family. We are now in Courchevel. Beautiful!! Love Anita, Peter, Jack and Tom

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