Hochfilzen- Mission Accomplished

Hochflizen World Cup finished with making Biathlon History, the first male biathlete to break the top 60 and qualify for the pursuit event!! Lets Party!! Ok, i’m joking, maybe at the end of the season. The past year I have wanted this so much and to finally qualify makes me feel that I’m on the right track!

Starting shoot

Starting shoot

CIMG6379It was a chilly morning for the race hitting -17 In the night. I had 2 good first laps and managed to shoot clean, it was a little disappointing to blow up on my last lap and lose a lot of time. The reason for that was, slow snow and I didn’t pace myself right throughout my first lap. It was still my PB and I couldn’t have hoped for more, finishing 58th out of 106 starters 2.12 min from the leader.



Next day was the pursuit! Maybe it was the altitude, or something else, but I did not recover over night! Feeling a little spent I was still really motivated and happy to be competing. The pursuit was good, It was exciting to stand by side the thoroughbreds on the same starting line who have won big titles before. Overall I was happy with the race, shot 3 penalties and finished 58th so I can’t complain and it was defiantly a heck of an experience!

Travelling to Ridnaun

I’ve been feeling lethargic ever since those 2 races, I am pretty sure it’s because of the attitude. I haven’t had any preparation for altitude before the season started, so I must be going through acclimatization. Next set of races are all high up in the mountains so let’s hope my body adapts quickly!

We are in Ridnaun (ITA) at the moment where the other Australian Team members will be racing their IBU Cup. I will head to Pokljuka (SLO) tomorrow for the last World Cup of the trimester, then I’ll come back to Ridnaun.

Today training in Ridnaun

Today training in Ridnaun

Talk soon,


7 thoughts on “Hochfilzen- Mission Accomplished

  1. Well done Alex. We are all thinking of you from over here in sunny Dubai. The closest thing to snow is in the Ski Dubai in the shopping centre. Love to you and your family. Anita

  2. Алекс, простите за нескромность, а есть шанс с Вами пообщаться, я понимаю что у Вас много поклоннниц, но я расчитываю не более чем на дружбу! Полина!

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