Ostersund- Sprint, Winter Wonderland


Winter Wonderland


A chilly -27

Ostersund 10km WC Event was finished with a pleasant feeling. It was chilly day with -13 and strong wind which made the chill factor ridiculous! I wore my warmest thermals and I was ready to give it my best. The race started a little earlier then the 20km at 13:30, which I was grateful for. I hate racing in the afternoon, it is dark, cold, and the whole day you walk around nervous not knowing how to prepare for the competition. I placed 67th out of 104 starters with a total of 3 penalties, missing out only 10 seconds of 60th which would have put me in the pursuit event! Now you can see how tight our fields are over the 10km, in 10 seconds there were 7 people.

Now I defiantly know I have made a good improvement from last year! It is a great feeling to know that the training you are doing is working.

CIMG6330We have now arrived to snowy Hochfilzen (AUT) where it loves to snow! Last night we probably got 40cm.. I personally don’t like racing in snowy conditions since I have no good skis for the weather, it’s just not my snow to perform, but I know I have to overcome these fears and start racing respectable in all conditions! The race is in 2 days so lets hope the snow stops, the altitude doesn’t affect me, and I feel like I am on fire on the day!  I really want to start qualifying for pursuit, and I’m not too far off, so let’s hope everything works out on the day and I can finally get there.

UntitledMy team mate Dyllan has a habit of putting a little too much on his dinner plate and not finishing his food, so tonight when we saw him put a colossal  amount of dinner on his plate, we made him eat it. Although it took almost an hour he got through It, certainly gave me a good laugh watching him eat all of it.

All for now, talk soon.


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