WC Ostersund, Individual

Alright well, that was harder then I thought it was going to be. The 20km in Ostersund (SWE) was defiantly a tough one, and the fast icy snow conditions didn’t make it any easier. It was a long and painful 20km, I held a steady pace but felt like I was half asleep most of the way, couldn’t increase speed when I wanted too,  it was like I was set on a certain gear and couldn’t get any faster no matter how hard I tried. Finished 76th out of 103 starters.


That was one of my best results in World Cup, so why am I complaining? Well, I feel like I should be able to ski faster, so let’s hope I’m right!


CIMG6298Tomorrow is the sprint event, I still feel a little on the tired side from the 20km, but hopefully I should be all fresh by 13.30 tomorrow.. Don’t miss it

Also congratulations to Dyllan Harmer for making his 20% World Champs Qualification in the IBU Cup today.

Talk soon.



2 thoughts on “WC Ostersund, Individual

  1. Hi Alex don’t beat yourself up it early in season you had a good start with ibu cup results ,so head up you do yourself proud with the effort you put in, will see you in about 3 weeks,Geoff and Debbie

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