Hi readers,

ImageWhat a great way to start the season off! Top 40 in both races over the weekend in Idre (SWE). Conditions were tough for this IBU Cup with the first day being +2 and slushy and the next -10 and icy. Many athletes crashed and broke their rifles, I managed to stay up right but ruined my best pair of skis on a stone. I was very happy with my shooting, 0 penalties the first day placing me 30th out of 137 starters, next day 2 shots went wide which placed me a little back to 40th. Overall I was happy with my ski speed, I usually get faster as the season goes on so let’s hope that will be the case again this year.

ImageNext day after our race we head for Ostersund (SWE) where the first World Cup will be held. On our way there we saw Santa and his reindeer, he was a little selfish and ran off but left his deer behind.

I will go out and check the coarse today, and try to get used to it. Last year I flew off the track on a corner and ruined my race suit, skis, and dignity, let’s hope this year I can manage to stay on my feet, and punish out a good performance! I defiantly feel faster and stronger this year, so let’s hope this season is going to be great one!

Thanks and talk  soon.


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