Back again, tell a friend..


I am back to the blog that has been forgotten! Sorry about that, to tell you the truth I’ve just been a little lazy. I hope I have overcome that and I will update you short and quick with new stories.

Snow has finally arrived!! After some hard hill-bound sessions and lots of running it was time to get some on snow preperation before I start racing, so defiantly very pleasing to see some white on the ground.

Don’t know what kind of shape I am in at the moment, I guess we will find out in 2 weeks time! Lets hope everything goes to plan and I arrive to Sweden healthy and strong! My main goal this year is to stay healthy, without health you are nothing so its defiantly a crucial part to my season.

ImageMost recent news would be I have a new fury Russian hat. I have wanted one for some time now so finally my dream has been fulfilled.

Let’s hope I don’t see any bears while I’m on the track because I may just try to wrestle it!

Talk soon!


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