After A Nice Break

A break after my first rollerski session.

I would like to apologize for being a little lazy and not updating my blog in the past month. I know that I should have updated straight after my last race, but that didn’t happen and the more time I left my blog go to a disgrace the less I wanted to update it. Damn selfish of me I know! Even though I have now had a month off training, I’ve been busy doing normal things, going to Uni and seeing friends, and for a short period of time I tried to forget the snow, skiing, and training hard.

I left for Tyumen straight after my races in Uvat, I was pretty excited when we arrived as Tyumen is my home training base, I love the tracks even though they are killer hard! This base is newly built and is one the best in the world, it was its first international competition this year and they are planning to hold World Championships in 2017.

Myself and Bjorndalen

2 days before competition I was zeroing with all the other internationals, legend Ole Einer Bjorndalen (NOR) and Bjorn Ferry (SWE) (2010 Olympic Champ), it was good to see that they were enjoying themselves, laughing, joking, and having a good time. It was a shame that on the day of the race torrential rain decided to drop and suddenly everyone’s mood slightly dropped. Day of the race I had a great first lap, came out of the shooting range with 1 penalty and skied the 2nd lap strong, but for some reason I came into standing a little unfocused and in a result shot 3 penalties, which was really unacceptable. I was really disappointed when I saw the result and found out I was only 17 seconds off pursuit, but overall I was happy with how I skied and counted that with zero penalties I could of placed in top 20.

My last competition were University Games. It was smoking hot and the snow was super slushy. The Organisers made a decision to cut the distance to 5km for men and 3km for women. While I was racing I felt like I was doing the “clean out the cobwebs”, a race at home in Perisher where you just punish out 5km as fast as you can! It has been a long time since my last 5km smash out so I was a little nervous, 5km is much more pain than a longer distance race so I knew punishment was going to be served. I placed 6th, 59 sec behind Evgeny Belov who was 30 seconds in front of 2ndplace, it didn’t surprise me as he  places top 10 in XC World Cup. My muscles and throat were hurting but I was happy with the result and relieved to be done with the season.

Enjoying my first bike ride in the wilderness!

The past month I have been really busy with Uni work. A lot of catching up was done and I’m still not finished! I have been also seeing old friends and meeting new ones that have become very close in this past month. All the biathletes were also taking time off training so we have been spending a lot of time together, enjoying life and its serenity.

My first rollerski session

Yesterday was my first training session and it wasn’t easy. It’s always hard to get the rhythm back of training, but I know that soon I will adapt, and be fully into it!

I will be travelling to Australia on the 3rd of July and I can’t wait to see and catch up with everyone! I won’t be updating you frequently as the winter season is now finished, so follow me on twitter for quick stories!  Thanks you for reading and talk soon!


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