Almost Done

Definitely it has been a long hard season, constantly travelling and never getting enough rest played a bad consequence on my health. I have been sick a little too often this season and most of the time couldn’t perform to my 100% best. The worst thing was I had to keep racing to maintain top 30 in the Nation Cup Score, this was important as it influences how much support funding Australia receives from the IBU. At the end of the season Australia placed 29th in World Cup Nation Score so sweat wasn’t spilled for nothing. I will be working on my immune system in this off season and I hope I can be a machine next year and somehow maintain my health through out the whole season.

4 days ago we arrived to Uvat (RUS) to compete in the Russian Championships. This morning it was -16 and that’s a little abnormal for spring, winter is still Rock’n’Rolling which makes skiing here perfect. Yesterday was the 20km Individual, there were 101 of the best Russian athletes competing and the snow conditions made it equal for everyone. I started 101st (last) and finished 57th, beating some athletes that I raced in Europe I was happy with the race. I skied consistent but was a little disappointed that all my 3 penalties were on my first standing, other than that I was happy to knock down all the other remaining targets. Even though I qualified for the pursuit I am not allowed to compete because it’s a closed National Championships, so now I am done racing in Uvat and I will enjoy skiing on this good snow and train for my last races of the season.

RBU has invited some “big guns” such as Tarjei Boe (NOR), Ole Einer Bjorndalen (NOR), Bjorn Ferry (SWE), Darya Domracheva (BLR) and Tina Bachman (GER) to compete in the “Governor  Prize” in Tyumen. It is a Huge race and the whole Russia will show up as the one with most points calculated from the 2 races will get a brand new Toyota Camry, so there is defiantly something to wax your skis for. These will be my last races of the season and I’ll be happy if I crack top 60. The level of competition will be not less than on World Cup, It is the same as racing Norwegian Champs in Cross Country skiing top 30 are all good enough to win a World Cup.

After these races the stars of World Biathlon will travel to Moscow(RUS) where  there is show race called “Race of Champions” an interesting event with lots of spectators and money involved.  After that’s over they all fly far East to Kamchatka (RUS) next to Japan, where  is another set of interesting races.  Kamchatka is a special place with lots of mineral hot springs so after the race the athletes can enjoy a little and bubble in a natural “Hot Tub”. The winner will not come out empty handed; a shiny Land cruiser is up for grabs for the one to rip everyone apart on the track! I don’t actually know what the internationals do with the car but I guess they just sell it right there on the spot? I dream to one day go to these places and compete for all these fancy prizes! These races invitational for the international athletes and all paid for by the organisers.

Today skiing I met the boss of the ski base, he was hunting or something on the ski track. When I finished my training he was waiting for me on the bridge to have a chat, and literally when I patted him he was meowing “OHH BOY THAT FEELS GOOD!” literally purring and meowing were all over the place he was defiantly a friendly chatty guy, after we finished chatting he following me back to my hotel and said goodbye. Love all animals especially when they act like bosses!

Thanks for reading and I will update you after my races in Tyumen which start on the 3rd of April. The weather forecast is predicting warm weather so I hope the snow will stay in good condition!


5 thoughts on “Almost Done

  1. Hi Alex, Happy Birthday for last week. Tom and Jack both had birthdays in March. Well done in your last race and good luck in your next one. Love to both you and Nick. The Weinerts

  2. Привет, Алексей!
    Много прочитала о тебе в разных статьях. И ты очень интересно пишешь в своём блоге как на английском, так и на русском. Здорово, что и таким образом можно продвигать биатлон в массы.
    А сам ты большой молодец. И даже то, что ты принимаешь участие в разных кубках/чемпионатах, уверена, должно идти тебе только на пользу: набираться как можно больше опыта.
    В Увате ты выступил достойно, и что ж, желаю тебе отличного пробега и в Тюмени.

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