– Grand Theft Auto

Key right at the door. Asking to take it.

Today while we were walking to our van I saw a convertible Mazda, on the top of the windshield there was a box of chocolates and when I approached closer I saw a key on the ground. Yep, it was the key from the car! I wanted to munch on the chocolates and take the car for a spin, it was just too easy and if it wasn’t illegal, I would be in that car doing sneaky brains (burnouts) all over the place. But I’m not that badass, all I did was open the door and rev the engine until it blew up……………. Ok I didn’t even do that, I just opened the door and had my picture taken. But that was a pretty close encounter to my first GTA, I didn’t steal it but I could have if i was stupid enough. Now that would be pretty good blog written from a German jail cell.

Yep, I'm that badass.

–          Atmosphere

It was an awesome feeling to be here in Ruhpolding this year. Every day there were thousands of people in the street drinking beers and enjoying the concerts. With 210 000 tickets sold the track was packed with spectators and each of them would cheer for you like your were a German! It was defiantly a fun World Champs despite that I didn’t have the best races.

–          Race

With screaming hot temperatures and difficult snow conditions, this was one of the hardest World Champs I have ever participated in. Not sure why these champs were held so late but it was defiantly not the best decision, with all the best skiers starting in the first group and smashing everyone else made the race only interesting for 20 minutes. Yes it was good skiing for the athletes starting in first group, but with the track quickly turning to slop anyone further then bib 50 said goodbye to their ski-time.

Just before the 20k Dyllan and I went around the course; the track was re-groomed and salted which made the snow hard and fast. We were both motivated and ready thrash it, but by the time we actually started it was that soft mushy snow again. When you have skied the track an hour before and know how fast it was, during the race you die mentally! My form has seen better days so skiing was really tough. I placed 82nd with 2 penalties.

I wanted to have better form for these champs, but being sick practically the whole season ruined all my preparation, even if I was on top form here the unfair snow conditions would have slayed all my chances. Both race days I was in the middle of the pack and I wanted much more than that. The season is coming to an end and with World Champs over I may as well try enjoy the rest of it!

We are now in Altenberg (GER) for the last IBU races. I feel pretty weak and I think my body has had enough for the season.  Being sick literally every second week I feel like I haven’t shown what I’m capable of achieving.

Once I get home I will have some tests and find out why my immune system is torturing me! In the mean time I will try to stay healthy and enjoy my last races.




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