Swimming With Skis On

I can swim ok in a pool, but when it comes to swimming with skis and a rifle on your back, for some weird reason it is a little more difficult.

Today was the sprint event, +14 made the track soften quickly and turn it into deep heavy slush. Athletes with World Cup points started first with all the others starting in group 4-5, with every minute making the track more wet, It was defiantly a massive advantage to start in the early numbers.

I was starting 81st, my main goal was to not blow up during the race and shoot well. By the time I started it was really slushy and heavy, your skis would dig in with every push and it was hard to get propulsion, so you needed to adjust your technique for the conditions. The downhills were really choppy and steep making the uphills the easier part of the course. I placed 87th out of 139 starters, 3.58 behind with 2 misses. I am not satisfied but I don’t find it was a disaster, it is hard to be competitive in these conditions. My fastest skis were my coldest pair which means I just don’t have any good warm pairs! Pretty disappointing when that happens.

The forecast looks a little better for the 20km, so fingers crossed it won’t change. Also the forecast predicts it will rain these 2 upcoming days so not looking forward to getting wet during training! I feel like I can ski much faster then what I did today so looking forward to the weather change for the 20km.


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