Game Time

It is stinking hot in Ruhpolding, +14 during the day makes you pull your top off and show your pale skin to the sun. On the balcony with the warm sun in your face and a cup of coffee is just that pleasing after a long cold winter. Although it is nice weather the tracks are far from it, heavy slush that covers your boots making you trip on the gnarly downhills is far from ideal. I absolutely hate these conditions, even though a lot of the time we do ski on this in Australia, it doesn’t make me good at it.


Chill Session Day Before Sprint

Tomorrow they have made the decision to put the weaker nations in group 4-5, all the others get to pick from 1-3. This means by the time I start I will need a wetsuit and a surfboard, I can see the point of their decision, but it puts us in a very unfair race to get into the pursuit. I am feeling good and pumped for the race, so hopefully I get over my fear of this slushy snow and pull of a good race.

Thanks to everyone for the support and I will update you after my race.



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