Back On Track

Probably my worst enemy and fear every year is illness. When this nasty thing gets a hold of you, it doesn’t let go and keeps haunting you until it feels like you have suffered enough! I think I have suffered enough in this past 2 months, I am finally feeling healthy so I am hoping it has let me go for good!

Perfect Travelling Combination

I had 4 days rest when I arrived to Finland and I assured I was fully healthy before I started training. I have now had 4 days of really hard prep work for Worlds, I am feeling pretty exhausted but in a couple of days this training should pay off and I should be feeling good again. I have missed vital training because of my sickness, and I have had no choice to fast-track my training for worlds. I have tried to fit in everything I can in this short period of time and this is the reason I am so tired, but I think the training worked out well and I should be feeling good for Worlds.

Overall Finland was good, we were staying in a little apartment house and cooking for ourselves. It was good to see the other Aussie Juniors that were competing there, I am sure they enjoyed their experience and will train hard for next year. I didn’t really like watching the races from a side, I just wish I was a year younger so that I could fight and compete, but my junior years are over. I hope the junior team will keep training hard and improving, so that one day they will join me on World Cup and we can have an actual team!

Flying to Ruhpolding we transited through Stockholm, our plain was delayed 2 hours because of the strike in Frankfurt Airport, so I had some time to buy Scandinavian goodies for duty free, delicious Smoked Salmon and Norwegian Caviar Is exactly what I need before Worlds. When we got on the plain there were so many people standing up because of double seated tickets. The flight attendants were calming everyone down telling that the flight is full from the other cancelled flights, and everyone just needed come down and wait until everyone boarded. I honestly thought that there were not enough seats for that many people standing. After each seat in front and baggage compartment fully packed and the longest take of ever, we finally got in the air!

After 24 hours of travelling we are here in Ruhpolding, it is really warm so not sure what the tracks are going to be like, but I will find out in a couple of hours.

Thanks for reading, and I will update you after my races in Ruhpolding!


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