I Don’t Believe it

I love the "magic school buses"

Ok, I am back! Yes, I am back to being sick. The first day we arrived to Canmore I was feeling really weak and jetlagged, on the second day I felt infected and knew I was done with a cold. My team mate Lucy has been sick for quite some time now and my dad just got a cold 2 days ago, not sure who I may of caught the bug from but I’m not blaming anybody.

It has now been a week, and after I having so much, honey, garlic, echinacea and ginger, I can’t handle it anymore. I have had nothing to do all week, I’ve been cooking and eating a little bit too much, and maybe I am getting a little overweight. Athletes are not supposed to put on weight during their competition period, but I have always had a problem with that when I’ve been ill. I cant really say its “baby fat” anymore like I used too in High School.

I seriously can’t believe I have been sick twice now in 1 month! I have come all this way around the world, and to get sick now is so depressing. I was trying to be so precautious to not catch anything, breathing through my buff when I was around sick people, gargling salt water everyday and after such good European Champs it’s just a heartbreaker to get sick!

All types of different rabbit to suit your taste.

Canmore is a pleasant town with nice people, great variety of food in the supermarkets, and lots of fast food branches. It is also the realm of feral rabbits, they are everywhere and they don’t mind if you tread on them. I kind of want to catch one and cook it! But I’ve always had a crave of eat wild animals! Today I feel a little better and planning to go for a light ski, tomorrow is the first day of competition but I will skip it and focus for Sundays race. I know that this race is going to be, lots of pain and unbearable, most likely I won’t be able to show a good result. I know I should stay positive but I have been through this before, and there is no point to lie to myself and hope for miracles, but of course I will still give it my 100%. All I am hoping for now is to develop some sort of racing form for the next races to come, they will be in 5 days time so hopefully I can stop being lethargic and finally get healthy!

Hopefully I can write back to you with some good news.



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