European Champs- Feels Good To Be Back

Pursuit Start

When you have been sick all you want to do is start training and return to racing, but coming back is always never easy. It takes a lot of time and patients to get to where you were before your illness. Well after a whole month of suffering, I am back! Every race after my illness I could feel I was getting stronger but something was always missing, it’s the worst feeling to compete at the highest level and to know you are not going to perform to your absolute best.

This Open European Championships in Osrblie (SVK) was outrageously cold but defiantly enjoyable. Every morning temperatures would go down below -20 and then warm up during the day. My first competition was the sprint event, I was really pleased to place 28th out of 80 starters only 1.45 sec behind the leader Alexey Volkov (RUS). Next day we had the Pursuit event, I was 35th with 4 penalties it wasn’t what I planned, but this event is always fun because you are skiing in a pack throughout whole race.

Pursuit Pack

After a day’s rest we had the 20km individual event, the race was postponed 30 minutes because of the freezing low temperature, but it warmed up and turned out to be a good race. I shot 4 min penalty placing 38th, 12.6% behind Daniel Bohm (GER) who shot clean. Again I was happy with my skiing form and it is a shame I didn’t have this speed a week ago.

Yesterday we had some relaxation time, went to the sauna, played pool, bowling, and all in our hotel. I wouldn’t say this hotel is extravagant or expensive but it does have a pretty impressive games hall! Golf Simulator, Squash, Bowling, if only it was all for free! I found that everything in this hotel costs extra, tea, bread, water at dinner. You only find out later because they put it on your room, so you get a nice bill at the end!

Enjoying myself at Frankfurt airport on the kids playground in the background.

Today we arrived to Canmore (CAN) where the two IBU Cups will be held. Not much snow but good conditions. I am hoping I have some good races, and ensure I have good prep work for World Champs, I will update you again after my races.


2 thoughts on “European Champs- Feels Good To Be Back

  1. Hi Alex, Well done with your races. Is that Lucy? If so say hello from the Weinerts and a big hug for your dad from me, Anita. (Not peter). Thinking of you, The Weinerts

    • Hi Anita,

      Thank you! Yep that’s Lucy, haha loved it how you bracketed (Not Peter). I hope you are all well and the kids are behaving themselves. Thanks again Anita.


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