WC-6 Not what I expected

PK and I out training in Seefeld

Not a big fan of updating my blog when there is no good news to write, but life is not always sweet like chocolate and hard times only make you stronger. Talking about chocolate, I had 500g of that dark creamy goodness in the car trip today, now that can’t be good for me!

After spending a great few days in Seelfeld (AUT) I was ready for my WC in Italy. Even though the weather wasn’t to my advantage, I was still motivated and confident. I had a great first lap behind the World Cup leader Martin Fourcade(FRA), when I came into the shooting range I found it difficult to breath properly, because of the high altitude which impacted on my shooting. I came out of the range with 2 misses and I could already feel that I was feeling a little bit fatigued, but I was still confident that I could hold on.

Antholz start

I came out of the standing shoot with 0 penalties, which was a surprise because I was feeling like a wreck! I finished my lap without fully blowing up and at the finish I was satisfied. Well, until I had a look at the results, I was a little shocked on how far back I was with a race I thought was reasonable. It turned out I didn’t make my WC qualification for the next trimester, I was just out on 16.5%. After analysing the results a little more, I found that the penalty lap took over 30 sec to ski with normally it taking 22 seconds. I also shot 20 seconds slower than usual plus the leader was the fastest skier, shooter, and had 0 penalties. It is very rare for the winner to be the fastest in all components of the competition, I want to say I was a little unlucky but, realistically it was a fair race and this is sport.

An athlete always has his ups and downs, you can’t constantly be on fire throughout the whole season or can you? Well, even the best of the best can’t keep on peak form throughout the whole season.  As soon as you get good racing shape, your immune system goes down and you have to be very cautious not to catch a cold. This is exactly what happened to me, I was showing my best results in history and then I got sick in Obertilliach (AUT). Now that I can’t do the two Scandinavian World Cups, I have to go to Canada for the 2 IBU Cups. I’m disappointed that I have to prove myself that I am a World Cup athlete and the only thing that clogged me was my illness, and also having no team to fill in for me when I needed to skip races. That’s how hard it is when you are a one team athlete, as soon as something goes wrong you have no one to fill your spot! I am confident I will not only redeem myself in the IBU Cups to come, but also in this up and coming European Championships. Dad’s disappointed that he has to borrow money from somewhere, to pay for my trip to Canada. It’s hard being without a team, but even harder having no budget, dad says this only makes an athlete stronger, let’s hope so!

I Kind of feel I am on this unlucky strip, everything I do seems to not go my way. Even tonight playing pool with the Dutch guys, after sinking my ball I always manage to sink the white. Ok maybe that’s different; I am just a bad pool player.

We are now in Osrblie (SVK) for the Open European Championships. It is a huge event and I hope I can pull of something special! Afterwards we will fly to Canada for 2 IBU Cups, then fly back for the World Championships to Ruhpolding (GER). This is my main event for the season so let’s hope I can be in top shape.


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