Forgot My Entertainment

Firstly I would like to thank everyone that has visited the site and has been following my updates. I have had 887 site views for my first month. I hope this number will only keep growing!

New Year Mania

Now some bad news, I have left my computer In Russia and now I know how people felt when the internet wasn’t around, In their spear time they were bored and had nothing to do. Well that’s not true, they played with skipping rope and enjoyed reading books, but they had no idea what the internet could bring to a young mind… See my problem is, I don’t have a skipping rope or a book (defiantly a shame, I would be bored free?). The worst thing is I will not be able to update my blog! But not to worry, I should be getting my computer sent to me in the next 2 weeks. In the mean time I will be searching where I can buy a skipping rope.

Now I will shortly tell you where I am at. I have been sick since the 25th and the bed has been my favourite place to be, so there was nothing special for Christmas or New years. Yesterday was my first training session and in a day I have my World Cup 10km Sprint event in Oberhof (GER), most likely this is not going to be a pleasant race, but my body defiantly needs a hard wake up call!

Sorry I havent written any soapy story, but its a little hard being at an athletes lounge with other athletes standing inline to use the computer. Also I apologise in advance if my updates from my races will be a little late. On the bright side an athlete living without a computer may be a good thing, more time for training, resting and eating food.

For New Years, Russians love covering the whole city in ice sculptures. Everywhere you go there are bright lights and carved out sculptures of Santa, Castles, Animals and Ice Slides, it brings the christmas fever on thats for sure! I didn’t always carry my camera around to take photos, but here’s a couple from New Years Eve.

Fingures crossed I will be back in shape soon! I hope next time I’ll write to you will be on my computer.


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