World Cup 2 – Perfect Conditions

Snow Finally!

Finally snow has arrived! Conditions for the race were absolutely perfect! Blue skies, clean track, firm and fast! I started like a greyhound and caught a lapping skier, but then I missed 2 shots and had to circle the penalty lap twice. All up I lost about 50sec just in the first shooting! I kept pushing hard on the second lap but then coming into shoot standing I was gasping for air; luckily I still managed to hit all five!

I was happy with my race, 10.8% behind and finished 83rd. I was 2.50mins behind the leader Carl Johan Bergman (SWE). Of course it’s hard to shoot clean (10/10), but if I did hit every target I would have come 50th, only 10 places off my first world cup points! So far this feels like one of the fastest races of my career, the rest of the season is definitely looking promising!

Last night we drove to Ridnaun (ITA) to help out my team mate Lucy who’s competing on the IBU CUP Circuit, and of course we got lost! Despite the help of a GPS we still managed to miss the turn off and had to drive another 21km to find the next exit, so we succeeded in adding 42km to the trip and paying an extra two tolls! When we finally arrived to our well deserved dinner we ate and climbed into bed to rest up for tomorrows training.

My next WC is in Hochfilzen again – (it was moved from France due to the lack of snow) so we are spending 2 nights in Ridnaun and then heading back to Hochfizen. I’m excited for this last WC of the trimester and I look forward to taking to you again soon.


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